AIDS, which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is a disorder caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).This condition is incurable and as AIDS progresses, the body loses its ability to fight off infection. However, there are medications available at present that allow many patients to live well with HIV/AIDS for years or even decades. Many celebrities who has HIV/AIDS has come forward during the past few years.

Rock Hudson

This legendary actor and one of Hollywood’s leading ladies men, was diagnosed with HIV on June 5, 1984 and it was thought he might have contracted the virus from a blood transfusion that he received during a heart bypass procedure.  He died in 1985, becoming one of Hollywood’s first celebrities to die from complications due to AIDS.

Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

Possibly the greatest NBA player of all time, Magic Johnson found out he had AIDS after a physical before the 1991-1992 season. This diagnoses ended his career but he did come out of retirement twice 1992 and 1996 before retiring for good.

Greg Louganis

This Olympic gold medallist in diving found out he had AIDS in 1988 but only made the news public in 1995.

Freddie Mercury

One of the biggest rock legends of all time and frontman for Queen, was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 but kept it a secret until 1991. Two days later, he died of AIDS-related pneumonia.


The highest paid entertainer and piano soloist in the world from 1950 to 1970 was diagnosed with HIV in 1986. He was hospitalized in January of 1987 with suspected anaemia and died on February 4, 1987.

Robert Reed

Most remembered as the father in the The Brady Bunch TV series, Mike Brady died of colon cancer and HIV 1992.  After his death it was also learned that he was gay and was HIV positive.

The stories of these celebrities show that HIV and AIDS do not affect a single demographic. While infections from blood transfusions are nearly non-existent in developed nations, HIV is still a dangerous sexually transmitted disease (STD) affecting millions worldwide. is a popular resource that offers expert health advice from qualified professionals and experienced contributors. Find out more about celebrities with HIV from

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Cellulitis occurs when one or more types of bacteria enter through a crack or break in your skin. This causes inflammation of the connective tissue with severe inflammation of the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Two common types of bacteria that causes cellulitis are streptococcus and staphylococcus.

Cellulitis can occur anywhere on your body but the most common location is the lower leg. Bacteria is most likely to enter disrupted areas of skin, such as where you’ve had recent surgery, cuts, puncture wounds, an ulcer, athlete’s foot or dermatitis. Bacteria can also be transmitted by certain types of insect or spider bites which can cause an infection. Areas of dry, flaky skin also can be an entry point for bacteria, as can swollen skin.

Symptoms may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling of the area affected
  • Tenderness
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Fever

Treatment of Cellulitis usually involves prescribed oral antibiotics. The infection should respond within three days of taking the antibiotics. If no response is noted, you should inform your doctor. It is important that the course of prescribe antibiotics should be completed and taken as directed by your doctor, even if you start feeling better. Your doctor also might recommend elevating the affected area, which may speed recovery.

As the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”, it would be wise to take these precautions when you have a skin wound, to help prevent cellulitis and other infections:

  • Wound care: Wash/disinfect your wound daily. Do this gently as part of your normal bathing.
  • Antibiotic cream or ointment: For most surface wounds, a single- or double-antibiotic ointment provides adequate protection.
  • Possible signs of infection: Redness, pain and drainage all signal possible infection and the need for medical attention.

Doctors can diagnose cellulitis on sight but they will do a further examination to determine the extent of the condition. They will also keep an eye on the infected area for a few days to see if redness of swelling has spread. A blood test can also be performed to test for the presence of any bacteria.

In some cases cellulitis can spread throughout the body and enter the lymph nodes and bloodstream. In rare cases it may go deeper into your tissue layers and cause other potential problems like blood infections, inflammation of lymph vessels and tissue death. This is why it is important to visit your physician so that the exact extent of your condition can be assessed and treated.

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If we talk about testosterone, the association with aggressive behavior, male competiveness and muscle building springs to mind. While it is true that testosterone will assist with muscle building and also encourages an aggressive behavior, some of the positive factors are often overlooked. Here are a few surprising facts of this hormone that you might not have been aware about.

  • Blood and energy: Testosterone plays a key role in your body’s red blood cell production. If you have low testosterone levels, your body won’t produce as many red blood cells causing a significant drop in energy. It is thus important to have your T levels checked if you are low on energy or if your physician suspects a low red blood cell count.
  • Bone Density: Testosterone works to maintain bone density and this is why low T levels can cause osteoporosis in men. Low levels of testosterone will lead to fragile and brittle bones, making fractures and injures more possible, especially in physically active individuals.
  • Mental Health: Testosterone helps maintain energy levels, as well as a sense of well-being. It plays a vital role in mental health too; patients with low testosterone levels often experience a decreased sense of well-being, a depressed mood, and low energy levels.
  • Belly fat: Body fat, especially around the belly, absorbs testosterone, reducing levels of the testosterone. Testosterone therapy are often recommended to increase levels of testosterone. This will help reduce belly fat.
  • Too much testosterone: Taking steroid hormones such as testosterone as performance enhancers can cause testicles to shrink and breasts to grow as well as mood swings, aggression, and other problems.
  • Diabetes: Patients with diabetes are more likely to have low T levels. The American Diabetes Association found that men with type 2 diabetes is two times more likely to suffer from low T levels as men without it.

When it comes to testosterone though, you can have too much so it is vital to know when your T levels might be too high. Testosterone levels above 1,200ng/dL are considered to be high and can indicate other conditions like androgen resistance, congenital adrenal hyperplasia and cancer. Have your doctor check your T levels regularly, especially if you are over the age of 40, to ensure that your levels are normal and that you don’t have a risk of other health issues. is a popular resource that offers expert health advice from qualified professionals and experienced contributors. Find out more about testosterone on

Garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement is a perfect solution with proven results. In addition it is derived naturally from Cambogees tree fruits and has been used for long to provide man with a cure to different ailments and also as a cooking ingredient. The fruits of Camborgees tree are pumpkin like and are rich in Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). HCA is the major ingredient used in making Garcinia camborgia supplements. Its characteristics and functioning in the body has the ability to cause a weight lose. Let us look into details how to lose weight with Garcinia cambogia supplements.

Take the recommended maximum daily dosage for perfect results within a short time period. This helps in ensuring that there is a maximum action of HCA in the body. The maximum daily dosage varies depending on individual body characteristics, but it ranges between 750 to 1000 milligrams daily. This is divided into three parts which should be taken prior to the main meals to ensure maximum absorption into the body. Consult a physician on the maximum dosage of Garcinia cambogia for your body.

Correct dietary combination is important for ideal functioning of the supplement. This should not worry you since HCA; the active ingredient in the supplement, has the ability to suppress the urge to take food regularly. Choose a combination of food that have a low composition of cholesterol and fats while having a high energy composition. This mainly consists of vegetables and fruits, avoid highly processed foods. The food intake should not suppress the actions of Garcinia cambogia in the body.

Exercising while on the supplements helps in ensuring maximum functioning of HCA in your body. The exercises should be regular throughout the period of taking the supplements. Exercises help in ensuring that your body burns of excess calories and free circulation of HCA in the body. In addition, exercises boosts the body metabolism rate thus increasing the rate of HCA absorption and food combustion in the body. The exercises should be simple to perform and should involve the whole body. Avoid vigorous exercises as they will exhaust you and it may be difficult to ensure regularity in exercising.

Indeed there is no other better weight losing supplement than Dr Oz Garcinia cambogia; it is cheap to acquire, easy to use, comes from a trusted natural source and above all you are always guaranteed of the desired results. Improve the functioning of the supplements in the body by observing the recommended daily dosage, dietary combination and regular exercising.

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The demand for Organic foods is growing higher and higher day by day, this is due to the fact that people are now realizing the harmful agricultural practices, the use of pesticides, insecticides and the effect of genetically modified foods on the human race. Eating whole and unprocessed foods have always had immense amount of health benefits, since this has been followed by our ancestors for more than thousands of years.  They have led a healthy life with less number of diseases with immense amounts of immunity and with high energy levels throughout the day for carrying out tough physical activities. Paleo Dieting basically follows the dieting pattern adapted by our ancestors since the inception of mankind. Paleo Dieting is also known as Hunter Gatherer Diet or Caveman Diet, our ancestors ate meats that can be wildly hunted and plants and vegetables that can be gathered (grown in wild).

The basic premise of Paleo dieting is that, we can obtain the maximum nutrition from the foods that we consume when they are taken in the rawest form without undergoing any kind of transition.  Modern day foods contain excess amount of fat, sugars, refined flours, grains and highly processed products. They have been related to cause a wide variety of diseases such as Obesity, Heart problems, Cancer and Inflammatory diseases.

Paleo and its Benefits

Paleo diet includes foods such as meat (grass fed and pasture raised), fish (wildly caught), less starchy vegetables, fruits, tree nuts, natural oils obtained from coconut, help, flax seed, hazel and macadamia nuts.  This diet excludes foods such as grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, processed meat which includes meat that are grown in feed lots. Paleo diet is based on decreasing the carbohydrate intake which in turn will balance the glycemic index of our body and help the body to burn the accumulated fat and stay healthy. It also recommends lower consumption of salt and increase in the intake of foods that are rich in protein, fiber, potassium, omega-3 and omega-6, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. These are also considered to be as the basic characteristics of the dieting pattern which optimizes one’s health by improving and strengthening the immune system and making them less susceptible chronic diseases caused by the consumption of modern foods.

People can stay healthy by making a simple shift; they can also modify their contemporary recipes having the same amount of nutritional characteristics based upon the Paleo food groups. Paleo diet is simply based on replicating the diet of ancestors followed for more than 2 million years ago before the invention of agriculture in the Neolithic Era. Eating healthy and nourishing foods that are nutrient dense and unprocessed at the same time and avoiding foods that causes damages to one’s digestive system such as grains and legumes which contains pro – inflammatory properties causing damage to our gut and affecting one’s natural metabolism is the simple rule that has to be strictly followed to obtain the maximum benefits Paleolithic lifestyle.

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We all love healthy, resplendent skin. What do we do to get it? To get the skin that you dream of, you’ve got to work towards it. Along with putting in efforts for a healthy skin, you’ve also go to avoid certain mistakes that we do not consider too grievous.

Here are some of the skin care blunders, we often commit without giving much thought to them:

Using hair removal cream on face: It’s a sudden program and you’ve got to get rid of that hideous moustache. You decide to use your hair removal cream as the last resort. This could be the biggest blunder. The harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the delicate facial skin and can leave you with burning scars that are hard to get rid of.

Using cheap quality hair colour: You just want to experiment with a particular, you pick up a cheap option as you do not want to spend much on an expensive one. The cheap hair colour can be surprisingly damaging. You may even get an absolute different colour from what is marked on the box, besides leaving your hair utterly damaged.

Using expired beauty products: You do not bother to check on the expiry date on your creams and other beauty products. This can be disastrous as expired beauty products can be a storehouse of infections, allergies, and skin problems.

Pinching the zits: I do agree that it feels good pinching out those devious zits, but this will only spread the infection and an acne breakout all over your face.

Washing egg with hot water: Eggs sure do have a lot of benefits when applied to hair and face. However, when washing of egg, take care to always use cold water as using hot water will cook the egg and you’ll end up with scrambled eggs in your hair or on your face.

Frowning too much: You may not have given it a thought, but frowning too much leads to developing of lines on the forehead. These lines get permanent with time and also hastens the wrinkles.

Over use of chemicals: The pharmacy shelves are always lined up with a range of fancy smelling products packed in highly attractive bottles. You’ve to worry as to what is inside those bottles. Many products as simple as moisturisers are often packed with a multitude of chemicals, which may end up harming your skin. Keep your skin care products simple and closer to nature.

Scrubbing too much: After every long day spent outside, a good long scrub may feel the best thing to happen. However, scrubbing too much is not advisable for the health of the skin. Keep it to once in a week or 10 days, depending on the level of pollution your skin is exposed to.

Not taking care of the diet: You may spend 80% of your pocket money or earnings on fancy skin care products, but it will come down to nothing if your body is not getting the requisite nutrients. Make fresh fruits, vegetable, and dairy products an essential part of your daily diet.

Not getting enough sleep: Sleep is as important for the skin as it is for your body and mind. The maximum skin damage repair happens when you’re asleep. Not getting enough sleep will not only add to the horrendous dark circles but will also make your skin droopy and unhealthy.

Sleeping with makeup on: This is probably the worst thing you can do to your skin. Sleeping with the makeup on cuts down the oxygen supply to the skin and the dirt accumulated on the face during the day, mixes with the leftover makeup to make the perfect breeding conditions for harmful bacteria leading to various skin infections.

With an unparalleled passion for health and beauty, Anna Smith, a skin infection professional loves to share tips and tricks and her experience on the same.

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Are you one of those who spend 8 hours on an average at your work place? Is your busy and hectic schedules hampers your health? If you are nodding your head in yes for these questions then it is the time when should take some major steps to stay healthy and fit. Everyone loves to live a healthy and happy lifestyle with their family and dear ones. But now, in this fast moving modern world, people are packed with busy schedules in their offices to get the high standard and luxurious life style. But in this long race, they ignore the importance of healthy life which leads to the severe health complications such as obesity, heart problems, asthma, cancers etc.

Mostly people don’t have the time for the regular exercises or preparing food as a result they are very much dependent on the hotels, restaurants and packed food items which are very unhealthy and give invitation to health problems. You will surprise after knowing the fact that by making small changes in your daily life you can keep yourself healthy and safe from the various health tribulations. You just need to motivate yourself and add some alterations in your routine.

Important points which you should involve in your daily routine are given below-:

Drink plenty of water – keep yourself hydrated is the key to stay healthy. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day because it is helpful in flushing out the harmful toxins from your body with natural process.

Eat healthy and green - You can control on your bad eating which is the major factors of increasing your weight and causes the various physical troubles.  Add vegetables in your diet like carrots, celery, beans, peas, lettuce etc which are the rich source of vitamins and minerals.  It keeps you healthy and helpful in fighting the diseases such as cancer, heart stroke, etc.

Exercise – Take some time from your busy schedules for regular exercise. You can go for the walk which is very beneficial to keep you fresh and active throughout the day. It also helps in reducing your weight and gives you the better shape. Even in office you can use the stairs instead of elevators to keep yourself energetic and fit.

Yoga- Yoga is one of the best ways to keep you healthy and fit. It is also helpful in relaxing your mind and eradicating the stress and negative thoughts. You can join the professional institute to learn the yoga exercises.   

Enjoyment - Stress is the major factor of causing the various problems like heart attacks, depression, anxiety, etc.  Therefore, to get relief from your stress, spend time with your family and dear ones to get relaxed yourself. To stay healthy, it is very important to stay happy.

Proper sleep- If you not sleep properly at night then it can cause the diseases such as anxiety, depression, obesity and other health related issues.   When you sleep your body gets relaxed and recharged to start the next day with full energy and freshness.

Enjoy the happiest moment of your life with your total wellness and say good bye to miserable and unhealthy lifestyle which is prone to many diseases.

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Every year the anti-smoking laws are more rigorous than the previous year and government are continuously trying to completely ban traditional tobacco cigarettes. The hefty taxes applied to all tobacco products and price increases that are beyond believe on tobacco and related products are astronomical. Every smoker knows the restrictions on tobacco smoking will never decrease and neither will the prices. Now everyone is looking with new eyes and hope at electronic cigarettes China with the invention of e-cigarettes. A brilliant entrepreneur from China, Hon Lik, a Pharmacist, invented this unique device that everyone is raving about.

This electronic cigarette is ideal for smokers who either want to quit smoking, but cannot do without the nicotine rush, or smokers who do not want to quit, but are looking for a healthier and cheaper method of getting their regular nicotine fix. Your body will still get the nicotine it craves without actually smoking. You must wonder how that is possible. This unique technology is based on small electronic portable device that is rechargeable and resembles an actual traditional cigarette. A liquid solution called e-juice, which is actually liquid nicotine is turned into vapor by a built-in heating system that turns the liquid into a vapor, which you inhale. The mouthpiece of the e-cigarette is used to inhale the vapour just like regular cigarettes, except there are no tobacco and thus, no smoke present. An LED at the tip of the electronic cigarette lights up and appears just like a regular cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes for sale come in different sizes and the e-liquid used comes in different flavors and also nicotine free liquid. The liquid containing nicotine are manufactured in different strengths also just like a traditional tobacco cigarette, but without tar and toxins. If your preference is regular tobacco or menthol cigarettes, you can achieve that with the smoking of an e-cigarette as well. It is extremely convenient as you will not run out of cigarettes as you just replace a used cartridge with e-liquid. A cartridge can be bought at many stores but electronic cigarettes wholesales have a very wide variety of different strengths and flavors in stock than many retailers and supermarkets.

Budget friendliness is one of the major advantages an electronic cigarette has. Whether it is an expensive or a cheap electronic cigarette, it is still a lot cheaper than traditional cigarettes. An average smoker will smoke a month on one e-cartridge and the price of one cartridge ranges, but is usually equivalent to a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Now that is a major difference and it is advised that you buy your e-products at reputable wholesalers as there are many that may over charge on their products. The health factor is another major factor and although nobody will say it is a healthy device it certainly is true that it is healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive substance as we all know and if it is your choice to smoke an electronic cigarette which contains nicotine in the e-liquid then so be it. You will however not be exposed to harmful toxins and tar, which are present in tobacco products.

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